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Dubrovnik Coast Tourist board
Slano, Croatia
Slano, Croatia


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Restaurant "Katicic"

We are located in the north western part of the Dubrovnik riviera, in the village Smokovljani. We offer you rest and relax on our property where you can taste homemade brandies like lozovaca (produced by grape), travarica (brandy with herbs), rozulin (brandy produced by rose), višnja (produced by cherry) and orahovaca (brandy produced by walnuts). We will treat you also with dried figs and traditional cake called Padišpanj.

Address: Smokovljani, Dolina 1, 20231 Doli
Mob: +385 (0)98 608 665



Pizzeria "Maestral" 

Restaurant Maestral invites you to come and taste our specialities, enjoy pleasant atmosphere and friendly personnel.
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Address: Trg Ruđera Boškovića 5 Slano 
Mob: +385 0 20 871-251


Restaurant "Kolarin"

Located directly on the quayside of the beautiful Slano bay.

Address: Slano 
Tel/Fax: +385 0 20 871-256


Restaurant "Mirakul"

A romantic garden near the Sea. 
Come and enjoy in the deep shadow of Palm trees. 

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Address: Grgurići 4, Slano
Tel: +385 0 20 871-020

  • The History of the Dubrovnik Coast
    Supposed remains from the Neolithic period have not yet been found within the municipal boundaries of the Dubrovnik Coast. The possible Neolithic locationof Špilja, to the west of the village of Đonta Doli will probably determine the ancient history of the area.
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Slano, Dubrovnik
Slano, Dubrovnik kuca meda novakovo greblje