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TZO Côte de Dubrovnik	Office de tourisme de municipalité de Côte de Dubrovnik
Slano, Croatia
Slano, Croatia


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Slano, Dubrovnik

Effective May 28th a new online web form EnterCroatia has been launched and may be accessed here: https://entercroatia.mup.hr/  The EnterCroatia online form allows visitors to enter all the necessary information to ease border crossing prior to traveling to Croatia.

The online form includes all data normally requested in the process of crossing the border and with the simple presentation of a passport or identity document to a police officer at the border, the number or code from the identity card or passport is automatically linked to all pre-entered data. In this way, the time to complete the entire procedure of data entry at the border for each individual person in any given vehicle is reduced to a minimum and traffic flow is increased.

All visitors who fill out the online form will receive email instructions that will include epidemiological guidelines and information that are currently in place for visitors to Croatia.

Enjoy Croatia and stay responsible!

  • Histoire de la côte de Dubrovnik
    On n'a pas encore découvert des vestiges supposés de la période néolithique dans le municipalité de Côte de Dubrovnik. Peut-être la localité Špilja, située à l'ouest du village de Đonta Doli, nous donnera de nouvelles connaissances. La période de transition de l’âge de la pierre (Néolithique) vers l'âge du fer comprend deux siècles du second millénaire avant J.C.
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Slano, Dubrovnik
Slano, Dubrovnik kuca meda novakovo greblje