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Dubrovnik Coast Tourist board
Slano, Croatia
Slano, Croatia


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The Dubrovnik Coast, lapped by the sea on one side, and full of fragrant wines and oil on the other, is not a large area. Due to the variety it offers, tourists can find places where they can rest and relax, can be entertained and can enjoy much else ranging from water sports to cycling and walking through the
entire area encompassed by the Dubrovnik Coast. Slano, lying in a deep, protected bay, is ideal for swimming, windsurfi ng, dinghysailing, water-skiing, going on banana- boat, pedal-boat and gondola rides, etc. On the sea bed, there are several ancient wrecks, which can fascinate divers. 

During the summer, there is a sailing school run by the local sailing club; and visitors can watch the Dubrovnik-Slano regatta. The locals try to widen their tourist programme ever year, offering interesting and varied local culture and entertainment and sports events, infl uenced by the location. Recreational cycle paths and footpaths are being extended across the idyllic landscape. 

Visitors can also see the production of olive oil and wine. There are ancient water mills - symbols of traditional fl our milling. Each cycle and footpath has its own viewpoint with unforgettable vistas of the entire Coast, the Elaphite Islands and the island of Mljet.

The hotels in Slano offer various sports: football, basketball, mini-golf, traditional and modern bowling, tennis, table tennis, beach volleyball, etc.

The cultural and entertainment event “Summer in Slano” offers classical music concerts in the church of St. Jerome, performances of Dalmatian choral harmony (klape) in front of the church of St. Jerome, fishermen’s evenings, al fresco dancing to traditional and modern music and folklore evenings in the centre of Slano.

  • The History of the Dubrovnik Coast
    Supposed remains from the Neolithic period have not yet been found within the municipal boundaries of the Dubrovnik Coast. The possible Neolithic locationof Špilja, to the west of the village of Đonta Doli will probably determine the ancient history of the area.
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Slano, Dubrovnik
Slano, Dubrovnik kuca meda novakovo grebljenovakovo greblje