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Zentrale für Tourismus der Region Dubrovnik-Küste
Slano, Croatia
Slano, Croatia


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  • Apartmani Andrić - Slano - Grgurići (apartmani /apartments)
    Apartmani Andrić - Slano - Grgurići (apartmani /apartments)
    Kata Andrić
    Put od Osmina 1, 20232 Slano
    Tel: +385 20 871 139
    Handy: + 385 99 3168 400
    Apartmani Lidija Kola - Slano - Slađenovići (apartmani/apartments)
    Apartmani Lidija Kola - Slano - Slađenovići (apartmani/apartments)
    Lidija Kola
    Slađenovići 14, 20232 Slano
    Tel: 38520871198
    Handy: +385918969761
  • Ugostiteljski obrt Banići - autocamp "BUDIMA"
    Ugostiteljski obrt Banići - autocamp "BUDIMA"
    Vesna Jelić
    Banići 52, Banići 20232 Slano
    Tel: 00 385 20 871 289
    Handy: 00 385 98 728 554
    Auto Camp Maslina
    Auto Camp Maslina
    Miso Jerkovic
    Put od Osmina 14

    Handy: ++385981741787
  • Admiral Grand Hotel - Slano *****
    Admiral Grand Hotel - Slano *****
    Whoever comes here once, feels the peace and sees the beauty of this region, will most certainly come back again.
    Hotel "Osmine" - Slano ****
    Hotel "Osmine" - Slano ****
    This fine hotel which has its own beach and can be reached in 30 minutes drive from the medieval city of Dubrovnik offers you and your family a pleasant and refreshing holiday. In the unique all inclusive price you get...
  • ACI Marina ''Veljko Barbieri''

    Slano, Dubrovnik

    The newest ACI marina named after Veljko Barbieri, the founder of the ACI marinas chain, has been built in a wonderful place of mystical blueness, treetops of thick forests reaching the sea, and incredible ambience, where, even today, you can feel the atmosphere of the renowned Republic. Slano was already settled in antiquity and during the early Christianity period. However, Slano was especially influenced by the Republic of Ragusa from...

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