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How to reach us?

Arriving by car

Information by calling the HAK (Croatian Automobile Club) +385 1 4640 800 you can get the following information:

1. road conditions and ferry traffic in the Adriatic amount of compensation for the use of highways in Croatia and abroad

2. prohibiting movement of certain categories of vehicles in Croatia and some European countries

3. fuel prices in Croatia and abroad,

4. information on membership rights of HAK members

5. phone numbers of foreign automobile clubs

6. advice on elections best routes

7. ferry schedules in the Adriatic Sea Information Center is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Detailed information can also be found on following (web) Help on the road - a call to phone number 987


Arrival by plane

Dubrovnik Airport 
Cilipi tel: +385 20 773 100
Distance from the airport Dubrovnik and Dubrovacko primorje, 53 km. Reservations and tickets Croatia Airlines – Office at the airport Dubrovnik! tel: +385 20 413 776


Arrival by boat 

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Luka Dubrovnik is connected by ferry lines with other Croatian ports (Korcula, Split, Zadar, Rijeka), as well as ports in Italy. Timetable can be viewed on the web site Jadrolinija.

After arriving in Port of Dubrovnik, if you are without  a car, it is possible to arrive in Dubrovačko primorje  by  local bus  or taxi.


Arrival by bus 

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From Dubrovnik to Dubrovačko primorje there is a bus line  approximately every half-hour. 

Bus Station Zagreb, tel: +385 (0) 60 313 333 
Bus Station Split 
Bus Terminal Dubrovnik tel: +385 (0)60 305 070